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March 23, 2019

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Environment & Health | Planning, Building & Living


Read more: Transport & Travel

Transport & Travel

Information on air and railroad travel, buses, trams & underground, taxis, cycling and driving. Please note: Bonn has an environment protection zone.

Transport & Travel
URL: http://www.b t_gesundheit _planen_baue n_wohnen/ver kehrs_infos/ index.html?l ang=en

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The 'Health in Bonn' web site has been conceived for Bonn’s citizens and those needing medical assistance in Bonn in order to simplify any quest for virtual information on the health location Bonn.

URL: http://www.b t_gesundheit _planen_baue n_wohnen/ges undheitsport al/index.htm l?lang=en

Read more: Low-emission zone

Low-emission zone

Bonn has an low-emission zone ("Umweltzone”). Only vehicles equipped with a valid green environment badge are allowed to enter the inner city. The low-emission zone is marked by road signs.

Low-emission zone
URL: http://www.b t_gesundheit _planen_baue n_wohnen/umw eltschutz/lu ftreinhaltun g/umweltzone /index.html? lang=en

Read more: Environment protection

Environment protection

Bonn is a city with a high standard of environment quality. This is by no means a matter of course, but asks for an equally strong commitment of the citizens, the administration and industry.

Environment protection
URL: http://www.b t_gesundheit _planen_baue n_wohnen/umw eltschutz/in dex.html?lan g=en



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