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March 25, 2019

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Dear Bonners, dear Guests of our City,


As the Mayor of Bonn, I would like to take this opportunity to warmly welcome you to the Federal City of Bonn’s official website

Bonn is a beautiful and vigorous city. As "Federal City” - the second political centre of Germany and seat of many Federal Ministries - Bonn is not a city "like any other”; it also represents the Federal Republic of Germany as the German United Nations City. Our city must nonetheless assert itself, often competing against others, to be counted among Germany’s most attractive cities - and for that we must all work together.
You have come to in search of information about the city, its offers and its services. We have collected a wide array of information on administration and business, family and society, and science and research, as well as extensive information on International Bonn on this website for you. We have also published a comprehensive calendar of events and list of online services that may spare you a visit to City Hall or one of our district town halls. We also offer you the option to book appointments for your dealings with authorities from your PC at home. Our aim is to provide citizens and guests alike with the best possible services and assistance, to intensify dialogue and to enhance participation.

Online public services
URL: ste_online/index.html?lang=en

I would, however, also like to invite you to come and experience Bonn in person and not just virtually. Discover our city’s wide variety of shopping offers and where to find them. Enjoy our wealth of culture, for example, Ludwig van Beethoven’s birth house, the Museum Mile, plays, opera, cabaret or youth theatre. Bonn is a child and family-friendly city with an extensive offer of sports, leisure and educational activities and programmes. All primary schools in Bonn can also be attended as open all-day schools and our existing above-average offer of day care for children under the age of three is continuously being expanded

Calendar of events
URL: tungskalender/index.html?lang=en
Further information concerning children, adolescents, families and schools
URL: ex.html?lang=en

I also encourage you to discover the "new Bonn” - a city that has undergone profound structural change since 1996 to become the German United Nations City and part of an attractive economic and scientific region with its Rhenish neighbours. The steadily growing United Nations family in Bonn coordinates and addresses the issues of climate protection, combating desertification, voluntary service, disaster early warning and endangered species conservation under its shared slogan: "The UN in Bonn - Working Towards Sustainable Development Worldwide".

The United Nations in Bonn
URL: no-stadt/index.html?lang=en

If your curiosity for Bonn has been aroused and you would like to find out about the city, then I suggest you follow us on our various social media channels or subscribe to our "Bonn Live online” newsletter to receive first-hand accounts from City Hall, information on upcoming events and interesting news from all walks of the City life.

The City of Bonn on social media (only in German)
URL: l/social_media/index.html?lang=de
Bonn live online Newsletter (weekly, in German)
URL: .html?lang=de
Newsletter international (quarterly, in English)

Please do not hesitate to call the City Administration under +49 (0)228 - 770 should you have any questions or require further information, and please also contact us if you have any ideas or suggestions as we welcome your participation.

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish all visitors to Bonn a pleasant stay in our city and wish all Bonners enough time to rediscover their city over and again.

Ashok Sridharan

Mayor of the Federal City of Bonn



Last update: February 22, 2018



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