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March 25, 2019

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Civic services


Bonn’s English Web Portal contains comprehensive information about life in Bonn and useful points of contact for official matters.

Municipal administration of the City of Bonn
URL: tung_im_ueberblick/index.html?lang=en

Use your PC to simply and comfortably ‘visit’ your authority to settle your errands. Or get prepared in your own time at home before contacting the responsible department. This service will be enlarged permanently for you.

Citizens Service Center [PDF, 441 KB]
By appointment only!

file: ste_online/index.html?lang=en&download=M3wBUQCu%2F8ulmKDu36WenojQ1NTTjaXZnqWfVp3Uhmfhnapmm c7Zi6rZnqCkkIR4gXuAbKbXrZ2lhtTN34al3p6YrY7P1oah162apo3X1cjYh 2%2BhoJRn6w%3D%3D

How to make an appointment at the Citizen Service Center [PDF, 19 KB]
file: ste_online/index.html?lang=en&download=M3wBUQCu%2F8ulmKDu36WenojQ1NTTjaXZnqWfVp3Uhmfhnapmm c7Zi6rZnqCkkIR5gX99bKbXrZ2lhtTN34al3p6YrY7P1oah162apo3X1cjYh 2%2BhoJRn6w%3D%3D

Please note: the following pages are currently available only in German. We intend to offer you soon information on the most sought after civic services offices also in English.

  • Under ´Bürgerservice A - Z´ (civic services vom A to Z) you will get a comprehensive information on the service offer of the city administration. You will find the your responsible partners too.
  • Under the link ´online-services´we have once more listed all the services available immediately online.
  • Choose ´Formulardepot´ (form depot) in order to get access to a number of forms to get prepared for your official errand.
  • ´Service-Telefone´ (service telephone lines) - the direct line to the municipal administration: our hotlines at a glance.
Bürgerservice A bis Z
URL: ste_online/buergerservice_a_z/index.html

URL: ste_online/online-services/index.html?lang=de

URL: ste_online/formulare/index.html?lang=de

Service-Telefone & Hotlines
URL: ste_online/service_telefone/index.html?lang=de

By the way: at the Bürgerämter (Civic Services) some staff members can give you advice in English. Please enquire about this service at the central information desk.

Fire and Rescue Service

The City Council of Bonn is required by law to provide, equip and maintain an efficient Fire and Rescue Service. The Fire and Rescue Service is responsible for fire suppression and for providing assistance in all kinds of emergencies. It also works to prevent fire, and to minimise the effects of fire if it occurs, through Fire Prevention initiatives. Preparing for disaster and disaster management is also the responsibility of the Fire and Rescue Service.

Fire and Rescue Service
URL: erwehr_und_rettungsdienst/feuerwehr/index.html?lang=en



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