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March 23, 2019

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Read more: Municipal archives

Municipal archives

The city archives and the historical library of the city and our third section dealing with the historical documentation of the city are open to all citizens, be it for an individual query or scientif

Municipal archives
URL: http://www.b ie_gesellsch aft_bildung_ soziales/sta dtarchiv/ind ex.html?lang =en

Read more: Senior Citizens

Senior Citizens

The Bonn Centre of Assistance to the Elderly is the central office for all Senior Citizens in Bonn with regard to all matters related to the Bonn Assistance to the Elderly organisation.

Senior Citizens
URL: http://www.b ie_gesellsch aft_bildung_ soziales/sen ioren/index. html?lang=en

Read more: Children, Youth and Family

Children, Youth and Family

More than 55.000 children and young people under the age of 18 live in Bonn. The department for Children, Youth and Family (Jugendamt) alongside with other organisations offers them a great number of opportunities.

Children, Youth and Family
URL: http://www.b ie_gesellsch aft_bildung_ soziales/kin d_jugend_fam ilie/index.h tml?lang=en

Read more: City library

City library

The public library serves the general spreading of literature and information in a network of ten libraries distributed all over the city. The media stock includes about 320000 items of traditional and modern media.

City library
URL: http://www.b ie_gesellsch aft_bildung_ soziales/sta dtbibliothek /index.html? lang=en



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